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As individuals, we are often defined by what others see or what they think they see in us. While being aware of this in my art, I look beyond the outer appearances and perceptions and explore the Human Narrative, the stories that we observe/share/express about the human condition and the environment we exist in, what others may only think they see.  My pieces often begin with an emotion or a memory and evolve through my exploration of how that journey came to be, where and how it started and how and if it ended. Like a story, my pieces have a beginning but no definitive end, allowing the viewer insert them into their own experiences and create their own stories. I enjoy the physical development of the pieces and watching how ideas develop and change while creating,   


I have always loved clay for its willingness to be transformed while maintaining a delicacy and strength. Clay allows me to express in my narratives a passage of time, making it look old and weathered or shiny and new, exploring how it can embody a variety forms and textures. Some of my recent work also incorporates encaustic, a complement to clay in its ability to create a sense of form and texture. Found objects are also incorporated in some of my pieces.   I am fascinated by the idea of extending the stories of these items,  wondering where they have been and giving life to where they are going.   I have also always been drawn to things from the natural world around us.  Finding beauty in colors, textures, and small details of plants and animals.  Sometimes natural details are incorporated as pieces I have created and sometimes they are collected and added to works. 

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